the_empath - press release 2015

the_empath, a.k.a. mike erkau, has been part of electronic music since 1993 and he started releasing his own work on cdrs in 1999.

the_empath's music ranges between ambient and electronica with organic industrial audio components. a stimulating flow of imaginative soundscapes, complex rhythmic textures, mixtures of experimental electronics, field recordings and ground loops. crystal clear tones meet thrilling low frequencies that are mastered with an impressive amount of dynamics. the result of this electronic crucible is a powerful mind infiltrating compound.

the_empath's discography (excerpt):

the_empath - trackology remixes cover

black hole. cd + digital album. audiophob. 2023

the_empath - trackology remixes cover

trackology remixes. digital album. hymen records. 2016

the_empath - trackology cover

trackology. cd + digital album. hymen records. 2015

the_empath - growing unrest cover

growing unrest. digital album. hymen records. 2014

the_empath - meltdown cover

meltdown w/. arx kaeli). digital album. hymen records. 2013

the_empath - meltdown vinyl cover

meltdown (w/. arx kaeli). lp.

sealt s5. 2011

the_empath - meanwhile cover

meanwhile. cd + digital album. hymen records. 2010

the_empath - athoia cover

at the heart of it all. cd-r.

noise rendition/subroom medialab. 2009

the_empath - second earth cover

second earth remix project. digital release.

subroom medialab. 2008

the_empath on the web:

  booking[at]  (liveact / VJ)

  medialab[at] (AV production)

video examples:

let's hibernate - official video (2015)

re-quietude [tranquility mix] - official video (2014)

meanwhile [shortmix] - official video (2013)

pripyat remix - official video (2012)

meltdown - official video (2011)

Zugfahrt - official video (2005)

the_empath's remixes (excerpt):

the_empath's compilation tracks (excerpt):

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